Whistleblowing – International Update (Edition May 2023)

EU-Whistleblowing-Directive - Transposition Status in the EU Member States and developments in other countries around the world.

The EU Directive on the Protection of Whistleblowers (Directive EU 2019/1937) requires all private organizations with more than 50 employees as well as the public sector to set up internal reporting channels and a case management system to report and process violations, especially of European law. Most member states have now transposed the EU Directive.

The members of the global KPMG Whistleblowing Services Network have prepared this Whitepaper to provide you with an overview of the current transposition status in the individual member states and advice on local specifics.

In addition, we have included some other countries outside the EU that also have whistleblower protection regulations.

We intend to provide an ongoing update on the progress of Europe-wide transposition in further editions.