Intellectual Property Newsletter Vol. 4 / 2021

Welcome to the new edition of the KPMG Intellectual Property newsletter on developments in the world of patents, trade marks, designs, domains and other Intellectual Property rights (“IPRs”). KPMG firms are proud of their global network, with IP lawyers, enabling KPMG professionals to offer an international service to clients in this area.

In this issue, several developments in Intellectual Property law are analyzed. The IP legal framework in Vietnam is currently undergoing a lot of changes. An overview of the various measures is provided in our first article. A second article concentrates on the implementation of the EU Directive on certain aspects concerning contracts for the supply of digital content and digital services into German law. Other highlights deal with current topics such as the influence of open source software on artificial intelligence or the impact of COVID19 on IP practice in Vietnam. Furthermore, various court decisions are analyzed, such as the recent decision of the General Court of the European Union with regard to the registrability of a sound mark, a ruling of the ECJ regarding the interaction between copyright and patents and a decision of the Czech Supreme Court on competing principles. Reports on new legislative initiatives in various jurisdictions will complete the picture.