Intellectual Property newsletter (Edition 4/2023)

Welcome to a special edition of the KPMG Intellectual Property newsletter focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models and how they are reshaping the world of copyright, patents, trademarks, designs, domains and other Intellectual Property rights (“IPRs”).
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This special edition is dedicated to the chances and challenges posed by new developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models. 

We explore what we can learn from past debates in IP for the future, putting current developments in a wider context.

AI gets more and more involved in the creation of innovative content. We analyse the complex questions involved and the strategies that different legal systems use to find answers. We focus on the example of AI's automatic generation of images and also take a closer look at how Argentina and Vietnam are adapting their legal landscapes to meet the challenges and opportunities that arise.

In the age of AI, data represents a huge treasure to be mined. We show the pitfalls that need to be considered regarding copyright and data protection.

We also address the question why it is essential for businesses to have a comprehensive AI governance and what considerations need to be taken to ensure responsible use.