Global Legal Department Benchmarking Survey

2021 Report – Global Legal Services / KPMG Law
GLB Survey

Today’s legal teams operate in an environment of rapid change. Digitalization and globalization are intensifying competitive pressure and gaining new strategic importance. Creating sustainable business models, integrating technological innovation and driving economic efficiency are also at the top of management’s agenda. For the legal function, these challenges create greater pressure to deliver high-quality legal advice and a top-notch customer experience.

The continuously evolving nature of the legal environment presents more challenges. New and revised laws, decrees and regulations and the growing influence of international and supranational (EU) regulations make it more difficult for legal teams to fulfil their professional duties. With cost pressures on the rise, legal departments are also under scrutiny to identify opportunities to produce efficiencies and reduce expenses.

KPMG International’s Global Legal Department Benchmarking Survey, which includes data from companies of all sizes, offers transparent and objective benchmarks that can help leaders of legal departments position their teams for success in the years to come.

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