Intellectual Property newsletter (Edition 2/2024)

Welcome to the KPMG Intellectual Property newsletter on developments in the world of copyright, patents, trademarks, designs, domains and other Intellectual Property rights (“IPRs”). KPMG firms are proud of their global network of IP lawyers, business advisors and other IP experts enabling KPMG professionals to offer an international service to clients in this area.
Intellectual Property newsletter (Edition 2/2024)

In this edition, you can once again expect a variety of analyses and reports from the world of intellectual property. We inform you about two important laws that bring new regulatory requirements: the EU Data Act and the Digital Services Act. Furthermore, you will gain insights into the development of ethical guidelines and regulations that deal with the risks and chances of artificial intelligence in the area of content and intellectual property. A special focus is placed on the legal framework in Vietnam.
We will also inform you about one of the growing trends of our time, namely the individualisation and upcycling of goods. Find out what needs to be considered with regard to trademark protection in these business models. You can also read how important it is to secure ownership of intellectual property rights created by employees and what possibilities Malaysia, for example, has created for this.
With the widespread use of social media, influencers are becoming increasingly important in marketing. Using Italy as an example, we shed light on the latest guidelines and explain how they can build trust and credibility with consumers. There are also new marketing opportunities in the metaverse. Find out what a Spanish court recently ruled regarding the conversion of artworks into NFTs.