Insurance Regulatory Atlas

Overview of selected rules and requirements around the world

In today's interconnected world, the insurance landscape is a reflection of the diversity of the countries and territories it serves. The global insurance industry holds a vital role in protecting individuals, businesses and societies from emerging risks and helping to ensure the smooth running of enterprises. However, navigating the complex web of regulatory requirements that vary from location to location can be a demanding challenge.
This Atlas on Insurance Regulatory Requirements aims to be your guide to navigate this intricate global terrain. KPMG Law professionals have compiled a selection of insights on the insurance regulatory frameworks, presented in a concise and accessible format. Each section of this Atlas delves into the insurance landscape of a specific country or territory, highlighting the key regulatory provisions, supervisory authorities, and key compliance considerations. We have dedicated a special section to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) to provide a regulatory overview and to look ahead, as it has become a new central focus not only in the financial sector but the global economy.
In addition, this Atlas provides an overview of the jurisdictions in which KPMG firms can support you in your business endeavors. The KPMG Global Legal Insurance Network has grown significantly in recent years and is designed to provide you with regulatory experience from across the member firm network, through a single point of contact. Whether you are an insurance professional, a legal expert or simply someone with a keen interest in getting insights on the global insurance sector, this resource is designed to serve as a valuable guide to gain a quick understanding of a variety of jurisdictions or a single country or territory.